71 Barber & Beauty Institute
Atlanta's Premier Barber & Beauty College

71 Barber & Beauty Institute located at 171 Auburn Ave. NE, Suite L, Atlanta, GA 30303

call (404) 584-2944 or email admissions@71barbers.com

About Us


As a leading provider of hair care education, we take pride in offering the best instruction and training experience. We are dedicated to serving the needs of those who desire a career in the hair care industry. The Founder & Director of this institution is a Barber who started cutting hair in his apartment.  He grew his clientele so much that he needed to go work in a nearby salon to accommodate the growth.  9 months he later opened 71 Barber Shop which has grown to become one of the Southeast's largest and most successful hair care facilities.

Our dedication to the industry has lead us to have Barber & Cosmetology Schools in Oklahoma and Atlanta as well as Barbershops & Salon Suites (we call them Barber Lofts).  

Our goal at this institute is make sure that you have had the education, hands on training, and proper mentoring to enter this industry fully prepared. We have recruited working professionals at the top of this industry to educate and prepare students for their future. This staff of educators have over 50 years of combined industry experience and a passion for equipping others with the tools necessary for success. Our training facility is modern and exposes you from day one to the upscale hair care environment.